Smokey escaping from the island

Smokey Escaping the Island, er, Iceland

Er, Iceland. Click the image for a larger version. The original image is from this story in the Independent.

Here’s an original image from Lost to compare with. Can’t believe there hasn’t been more Eyjafjallajökull/Island/Smokey snark like this one from The Borowitz Report.

Here’s a couple of excellent before/after pictures of the volcano (via Wikipedia and orvaratli on Flickr):

Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano before the explosion

Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano in action

God Re-floods the Middle East

The Onion: `The Lord thy God has warned you and warned you, but you have, in your hatred and selfishness, chosen to turn away from Him’, read a press statement from God, delivered by seraphim and cherubim acting as His earthly agents. `Prepare now to face His wrath and be drowned beneath the cleansing waters of His righteous rage’.

Great Dilbert Today

Carol the Secretary (from Dilbert): ‘Oh, you’re not a dating service, eh? Well if I give you money and you send me a guy then it’s just semantics.’ :-)