Yahoo Messenger 6 Causes Problems

Yahoo Messenger 6 is now bloatware, piggyback-ware (it installs several Yahoo tie-ins, like Yahoo Internet Mail and Yahoo Autocomplete even when these are unchecked in Messenger Installer Options) and vampire-ware (refuses to die: removing Yahoo Internet Mail was an ordeal because it did not respond to UnRegisterServer during uninstallation — I had to waste 5 minutes driving regedit stakes through its heart). You’ve been warned, stay away. Until Yahoo cleans up its installer act, version 5.6 should work quite well.

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  1. Hi… just found this while browsing. I too have had problems with Yahoo Messenger 6. Didn’t even realise that it had installed other things as, like you, I never checked anything else other than the Messenger 6. Only found out when I upgraded to Messenger 7, which I found a bit dodgy so uninstalled it but this dam Yahoo Internet Mail thing wont remove and now my settings seems a bit skewy with Windows Explorer not remembering it’s last size as neither does Control Panel and others and even found some columns in Windows Explorer missing!!! Now, like you did, I’m thinking of going to the Registry Editor to delete anything that says Yahoo! Is it safe? Was everything alright afterwards?

  2. Please please, somebody tell me how to “drive regedit stakes through its heart). It. will. not. die.
    I beg. Please.

  3. Open regedit. Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID. Right click on the key and choose Find. Now type in the file name of a Yahoo DLL that does not respond to UnregisterServer. You should find some matches in keys like HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{guid}\InprocServer32. Delete the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{guid} key and subkeys. Now you should be able to delete that DLL. Rinse, lather, repeat for every DLL the uninstaller was unable to delete.

    Warning: only do this if regsvr32 /u dllname doesn’t work first.

    And if Yahoo Internet Mail keeps showing up as the default Mail handler (another common complaint) then try Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs tab > Email. Set this to Outlook Express or something. If it still has no effect, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail and delete Yahoo Mail if present.

  4. I’m having quite the opposite problem…I WANT yahoo mail to be my default and can’t for the life of me get it to work.

    Had it working before, no problem. Then our computer got infested with tons of spyware and trojans. So we did a system restore to a month ago. That fixed the sypware problem (and have antispy now) but now can’t get yahoo to be default email. All indications seem to be that it should be working…in tools/programs tab the correct mail client is selected (yahoo) and the add on is listed there under add ons.

    Another thing to note that happened was that I have verizon fios with yahoo browser extensions but I didn’t like them so I uninstalled the browser extensions. default mail still worked fine until we did the system restore.

    Tried uninstalling all manner of yahoo programs and reinstalling, and installing a new version of IE. neither worked.

    any ideas?

  5. I don’t have a solution either I actually came across your post in a google search worded as follows “yahoo mail as my default mail handler”, so you can see where this is going. Did you figure it out. Oh ya one difference I am running Windows 98SE and in the email tab of the program tab there is no yahoo option just hotmail and outlook any thoughts?

  6. The best way to install Yahoo as the default email handler probably is the Yahoo Mail Handler ActiveX control, which used to be available here but Yahoo seems to have pulled it.

    So here’s a fallback method —

    a) Download this file (mirror) (Winzip can open it)
    b) Using Winzip, extract the files to C:\WINDOWS (it’s important to use this folder name)
    c) Open a command prompt, and ‘cd’ to C:\WINDOWS
    d) At the C:\WINDOWS> prompt, type “regsvr32 ymmapi.dll”. A dialog box saying “DllRegisterServer in ymmapi.dll succeeded” should appear.
    e) Save this file: ymail-reg.txt file to your desktop.
    f) Click Start > Run > “regedit”
    g) Choose File > Import. In the File Open Dialog, choose “All Files” from the Files of Type dropdown and go to your desktop. Choose ymail-reg.txt and choose ‘Open’.
    h) A dialog box saying “Information from file was successfully entered into the registry” should appear.
    i) At this point close all browser windows and then open IE and try to click on any mailto: link

  7. You are awesome and that is so nice of you to offer up help, buuuutttt… you assuming that I like you am not technically challenged yet I am. Seriously though all of it made sence except the beggining. I needd a step by step on the
    c) Open a command prompt, and “cd” to C:\WINDOWS
    and how do I do that. Also I do realize that what I am about to do will take me to that crucial point where it says somwething like changing registry files may cause….. and just so you know I am ok with that but maybe if you have a techno-help phone number somewhere so when I do totally screw it up I can call for help? Kidding sort of….Seriously now how to get to step C? and again thanks

  8. Nevermind you were talking about the Dos promt thingy right okay here goes nothing…..

  9. Thanks for the advice regarding deleting ymmapid.dll, as my email link on website keep comming up as a yahoo email page, not my email on outlook!!! Thank you!!! Thanks to you all, I have deleted all the yahoo files!!


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